Rental of linens

Fed up with the chores of laundry, storing or going back and forth to the laundry?
We offer rental and delivery of linens.

Sheets, duvet cover, mattress pad, pillow protector, towels (toilet, bath, pool), tea towels, bathroom home kit, ...

Here is how it works

  • you place your order (until the day before 16h), indicating your delivery date and recovery of the linen
  • subject to availability of stock, we deliver the next day to the chosen time slot. Hotel quality linen is delivered, ironed and sealed for hygienic reasons.
  •  We come back for dirty laundry and re-deliver in case of immediate need.

With this system, you benefit from many advantages

  • hotel quality linen,
  • no purchase of linen, no renewal and no inventory to manage
  • no more time spent washing, drying and ironing
  • no cost related to labor, and consumption (water, electricity, product, ...)
Rental of linens
Rental of linens