Renovation & Refurbishment Assistance

Do you want to renovate your kitchen, redo your bathroom, or upgrade your windows?

Because of the distance or maybe because you are just away, it’s hard to maintain quality control of the process. Intendance et Vous allows you to manage the renovation work on your home remotely, based off of the needs you defined at the beginning of the process with the contractor. This creates a seamless process for your home improvements.


  • You define what needs to be done, and then we work together to define a package that fits your needs
  • We keep you involved with daily updates
  • We maintain quality control of the services until the job is finished
  • We do a final cleaning so that everything is spotless for you
  • You come back to your renovated home, ready to enjoy!
 Renovation & Refurbishment Assistance
 Renovation & Refurbishment Assistance